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Dedicated to the Public Awareness of Monosodium Glutamate and other Excitotoxins.
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"Say NO to MSG!" It's pretty straight forward. It's simple, catchy, and easier to remember than "Say NO to MSG and other Excitotoxins!"

I wish it was as easy as eliminating MSG from our diets; but it's not. MSG is only one of many excitotoxins, and many of the others may cause MSG sensitive people worse symptoms than MSG.

It is important to know what ingredients to avoid, not only for MSG sensitive people but for everyone. We have included on this website a list of those ingredients. See Ingredient Watch List. You may want to go there and print it out.

Everyone is affected by excitotoxins. Some people show obvious symptoms. See Symptoms. It is also a contributing factor to the obesity problems of America, chronic headaches, ADHD, and other maladies that seem to baffle doctors.

It is pretty assuredly addictive and it is a frontal assault on the health of Americans by a greedy food industry that only considers bottom line.

Please use the site to your advantage. We hope you can beat your addiction to excitotoxin additives. We ask you to join us in this fight to make consumers aware that our food supply is being poisoned. It sounds reactionary when said that way, but it's true.


Special Article
MSG: A Mystery of an Elusive Poisoner


MSG: A Mystery of an Elusive Poisoner

Story by Mick Zellar

It was such a beautiful day that Jennifer decided to reward herself with a quick lunch. As she sat down in the booth, she was unaware of events that were soon to unfold. She would be approached by a stranger and would be given a choice of food items, not knowing that there was poison in each of them. She would eat them, washing them down with more poison and then she would leave believing what she just had done was good.

What Jennifer did was go into a chain...

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