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MSG: A Mystery of an Elusive Poisoner
by Mick Zellar

It was such a beautiful day that Jennifer decided to reward herself with a quick lunch. As she sat down in the booth, she was unaware of events that were soon to unfold. She would be approached by a stranger and would be given a choice of food items, not knowing that there was poison in each of them. She would eat them, washing them down with more poison and then she would leave believing what she just had done was good.

What Jennifer did was go into a chain restaurant. It wouldn't matter which one. She ordered a bowl of soup, a salad, an order of seasoned fries and a diet drink. Sounds fairly healthy, doesn't it? Well,"...she became a little dizzy and disoriented." maybe the fries, being deep fried, could be called on the edge, but the salad and the soup and the diet drink surely would make up for it. Within a short time, Jennifer started experiencing a headache. She had these afternoon headaches before and hoped this one wouldn't be one of those eye closers. Soon, as she walked, she became a little dizzy and disoriented. She found a bench to sit on and did so. Soon the nausea passed and she continued her walk. Her fingers were feeling numb and her stomach kept spinning a little, but she seemed to be getting over it.

While standing on a street corner, a gentleman asked her if she was ok. "Huh," she said?

"You were leaning on the post there and you looked like you were having a problem," he said.

"No, no. I'm OK," she muttered.

Jennifer started walking again, finally making it back to her office. She was sitting there when she realized that Ilene was talking to her. "I'm sorry," she said, "What were you saying?"

"I said," Ilene repeated, "did you have a good lunch?"

"Oh, it was really good, I guess. I don't know. I'm not feeling well at the moment."

"Not again," Ilene said with dismay. "You know what the boss said about you missing anymore work. You should really go to a doctor. Find out what is bothering you. really."

And this is the end of the mystery. I wrote this scenario as an example of what is happening across this nation any given day in any given city. We know what is bothering Jennifer. Maybe you do as well. It isn't a mystery to some of us. She was poisoned by excitotoxins that are found in everything she ate and drank. Let's take a look at that "healthy" meal. We'll analyze it and see just what is in each of the items.

  1. First they brought her a salad. The lettuce was not fresh but bought by the restaurant from a wholesaler that treated the lettuce with a fixative to add to the shelf life and then bagged it. I'm sure you've seen those bagged greens in your grocery store. The dressing was a Ranch dressing that has autolyzed yeast, hydrolyzed protein and MSG in it. Each of these items are excitotoxins. The croutons also have autolyzed yeast extract in the spices that cover them.
  2. Then she ate her soup. The soup was made in a processing plant using a chicken stock that had been processed and canned in another processing plant. To eliminate a tainted flavor from the can and to increase the shelf life, MSG had been added. While preparing the soup for the restaurant trade, they added chicken bouillon to intensify the flavor. Bouillon can carry 4-5 excitotoxins. After all, it is a lot of flavor in a little cube. They topped it off with some croutons, which we already discussed.
  3. The fries, oh yes the fries. Remember we were concerned with the deep-frying and the unhealthiness of it? Yeah, right. The spicing is where the real problem lies. It not only adds a lot of salt to the diet, it adds MSG and hydrolyzed proteins, both excitotoxins.
  4. Finally, she had washed it down with a diet pop. I know that would seem to be better than a non-diet pop, because it is not sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, but the fact is that since it contained aspartame, it is nothing but an excitotoxin cocktail.

All the symptoms she encountered come from the ingestion of any of these excitotoxins. There are many more excitotoxins and there are many more symptoms. We have used this simple every day occurrence to demonstrate how easy it is to "poison" ourselves by eating at a restaurant we thought we could trust. All of these excitotoxins were added to her food to enhance the flavor, to mask a package tainting, to add to the shelf life or to eliminate sugar. Every one of these items affects everybody that ingests them. Jennifer is one of the one in ten people that symptomize radically. We all know somebody like her. You may be one of them, since you are reading this.

This site is dedicated to:

  1. Helping you identify and eliminate excitotoxins from your diet.
  2. Helping you overcome the long term problems you may have or are encountering because of excitotoxins
  3. Helping you understand the reason the food industry uses excitotoxins and why they will fight voraciously to be allowed to continue to use them.
  4. Sharing information as we find it concerning MSG, and other excitotoxins.
  5. Sharing resources that you can use to help educate yourself in this fight against the use of excitotoxins.
  6. And finally, to offer a forum so that sufferers may share their experiences and discoveries with each other. Go to To Your Health - Dedicated MSG Section

We hope you are successful in your search and we hope your life can be changed, as ours has, by eliminating these horrible poisons from your life.



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